11th Hour Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget to buy a Mother’s Day gift? If so, luckily there are still some great gifts you can get and she’ll never know you waited. 

Treat her to a blowout at my all-time favorite spot, DryBar, and take her to a fun restaurant so she can show off her new ‘do! Drybar is what I imagine heaven to be like from the Sprinkles cupcakes and mimosas guests are welcomed with to the whimsical Hollywood glam interior. Did I mention they play Marilyn Monroe movies for you to watch while they’re doing magical things to your hair? Then there’s that wonderful, energized feeling you get after having your hair styled for you. Make sure to take her somewhere fun afterwards and take pictures so she can remember how beautiful she is!

If you’d rather go DIY, make her an “Indulge” basket, like my example below, filled with things like bath soaks and scrubs, a movie, chocolate, wine, nail polish, macaroons, candles, and magazines. Make it unique and fill with things you know she’d enjoy, but might not typically get for herself. 

Whatever you do, just make sure to call and/or send a card to the special Mothers in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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