Sunday Best: Visions of Vacation

Road trips with friends, ocean breeze, white sands, Statue of Liberty, African safaris, shopping, Golden Gate bridge, family barbecues, crowded airports, concerts, more shopping, new experiences… These are just some of the things I envision when planning a summer vacation. For the past few years, my vacations primarily consisted of travelling to San Francisco. Now that I live here, it’s time to broaden my horizons and explore new territories outside of the Western half of the U.S. Truth be told, it’s easy to live in your own little Bay Area bubble. So, aside from business travel, one of the 1st destinations on my list is New York City. For whatever reason, this will actually be my 1st trip to the Big Apple. There are so many things I’d love to do while there, but I’m most looking forward to experiencing the diverse culture, fashion, world-renowned food, energetic nightlife, and breathtaking art museums.
As we start to plan our summer trips, this week’s “Sunday Best” list is devoted to those crucial travel necessities. What is your top travel destination this year?

My mom got me hooked on Beats by Dre headphones and now I can’t imagine travelling anywhere without them. Their effective noise-canceling ability (very useful for long road trips or gabby plane passengers) and impressive bass make them well-worth the price. These special Crystal Roc edition Beats by Dre are a bit more pricey, but you can get the the “Solo HD” like mine (below) for $199.95. They come in a wide variety of colors as well.

When hopping from destination to destination, women don’t want to be weighed down with an over-sized bag. This Co-lab Kennley bag carries everything you need to travel light. When opened, the top flap serves as a wallet and the bottom flap has 3 zippered pockets to keep you from losing any important items.  When you need to switch back to your larger carry-on, the strap shortens on this bag and you can throw it inside of the bigger one. They also come in a wide variety of colors.
I got mine at my favorite boutique in the San Francisco Marina district – Covet. They sell out quickly and often, so make sure to get yours before you head out. – $48

Right now I’m seriously loving Holst & Lee mixed fabric bracelets. These colorful bracelets mixed with gold hardware are the perfect complement to any travel wardrobe. This version is the “Endless Summer,” but they come in a many different styles for both men and women- $155

No vacation is complete without a good pair of sunglasses. Ray-Ban just gave a makeover to their ever-popular, versatile “Clubmaster” sunglasses right in time for Summer travel. And, with a name like “Clubmaster”, you just feel kind of like a big deal when wearing them. – $150
In the spirit of down-sizing, this “Kelly Stripe Weekender” is the perfect travel accessory. With zippered compartments, everything stays organized when your face wash magically opens up and leaks all over the inside of your bag (not that it’s ever happend to me before…). Plus, it’s got cute pink and blue stripes, so there’s that too. – $58

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