Monday Motivation: Love What You Do

The average person working 8am to 5pm 5 days a week will spend over 97,464 hours of their life at work.
 For many of us that number is much higher as we’ve managed to break the confines of an 8-hour work day.

Our work is our prime opportunity in life to get paid by making an impact on someone or something. No matter your career, your work does have an impact on someone.

What Steve Jobs says here is not new information. This has been said time and time again in many different ways. The most successful careers, that is those which are personally gratifying, stem from doing work you are passionate about. Some of us are blessed to know what that passion is early on in life and the rest of us learn along the way. Let your career excite you, fascinate you, and push you to want to do better. If at some point you find you are not truly satisfied with your work, be brave enough to start all over again. This is more than a paycheck, this is your footprint on the world.

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