Luxe for Less – Part I

DIY Project
This week, I’m excited to showcase the stunning Houston apartment of my long-time friend, Paul. He mixed textures, proportions, and distinct fabrics transforming a once modest space into a place luxurious, yet livable. The best part about his design philosophy is his creative use of DIY projects to construct nearly every piece of furniture and decor. Over the next few weeks, I’ll feature some of the beautiful aesthetics of his Houston home and share how he created the luxe look for less.

We’ll start with an area of the living room he turned into a his work space…
DIY Project
Interior Design

DIY Project

DIY Home

Home Design on a Budget

Desk – Repurposed Ikea bed end table (similar here).

Lighting – He created the lamps by using smokey-hued, cobalt glass vases. He then carved out cork pieces to fit the frame of his lamp shades to the vase and placed 40W light fixtures inside.

Desk Chair – Purchased from Ashley Furniture clearance section (similar here), spray painted high-gloss white, and recovered with pieces from an repurposed cowhide rug. The chair base was then accented with nail head studs from the supply store that were individually hammered to the cushion. The circles within the chair arms were sprayed with gold-leaf.

Mirror – Passed down from a friend and sprayed with gold-leaf paint and laquer.

Trunks – Purchased at Garden Ridge ($5 – $15 each).

Finally, to keep your orchids thriving, he said there are really just 2 things to remember:

1. No direct sunlight – diffused natural lighting, 24 hour soft light exposure from nearby lamps
2. Water just 3 times per month – Place ice cubes in soil (not touching plant) or on top of a mossy area

That’s it! Can’t wait to take a look at the rest of this luxe space next week.

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