Sunday Best: Sensory Overload

Today’s Sunday Best is all about the senses. Every now and then we need to step back and see the world around us from a different perspective. Each of these picks are intended to heighten the senses in style.

1. SeeOliver Peoples Eyewear “Soffee” Sunglasses – $435. Featured exclusively on Shopbop, life’s a beach when you’re looking at it through these seafoam-hued glasses.

2. SmellJimmy Choo Flash Parfum – $98. Jimmy Choo’s newest fragrance is sensual with soft floral undertones. Light enough for everyday wear, but adds enough spark for a night out.
3. HearGoodTimes Wireless Bluetooth Floating Sound System – $99.99. These floating LED speakers have been a favorite of mine for the past few summers. They easily connect via bluetooth or a docking station and audio jack direct connection and put out high-quality sound throughout the entire pool.
4. TasteSugarfina “Brut & Rose” Champagne Gummy Bears – $10. Sugarfina has managed to combine my 2 favorite things with their champagne infused gummy bears. Cosmopolitan magazine has labeled them “The Perfect Party Favor” great for a bachelorette party, New Year’s Eve Party, or just because it’s Monday.
5. TouchThe Lily Kwong Collection “The Mira” iPhone case – $599. This blue ostrich patterned case is wrapped with Swarovski crystal and guaranteed to keep your iPhone protected in style. Lily Kwong’s new line of cases can also be paired with connectable bracelets so that you can slip them on your wrist. A perfect way to keep track of your iPhone, since we like to keep them glued to our hands anyways, right?

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