Happy Memorial Day!

On this day we remember the brave men and women who lost their lives in service to our country. We also honor those who have served and continue to serve to protect our freedom. Your dedication and courage is commendable! 
Despite the sunny skies in this beautiful shot I took this summer, it’s actually a rainy day (gasp!) in the Bay Area. Looking forward to enjoying this downtime with a movie day and an Oklahoma-style cookout later. Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!

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One thought on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Alex, you're an amazing person and woman. I love what you're doing with Vast Aspiration. You look so amazingly beautiful during that expo. Your makeup was flawless and I loved what you were wearing. It looks light and free flowing. The way you carried yourself in it also made me feel a sense of just being beautifully draped in luscious fabrics that were meant to allow me to radiate the beauty from within. The contour of the top is really what I loved the most about your outfit and your expression on your face matched the clothing; end results could only produce what you yourself represent and that is “Beauty.”

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