Friday Favorites: Egotistical & Skinny

It’s Friday, it’s the 1st day of Summer, Lebron “ain’t got no worries”, and somebody somewhere named their baby after an intersection. Here are my favorite links of the week!
1. In my “ego is larger than this world yet I try to justify it with self comparisons references to God” news, we all (with the exception of this new crop of Heat fans that arose…yesterday) sullenly watched as Lebron James and the Heat won the NBA Finals…again. Oh, and Kanye released the self-titled album, Yeezus. The album is decent, but The Man Repeller’s breakdown of the lyrics into terms us peasants can understand is better. — Yeezus Says.
2. Enough with the ego-mania? Here are 42 people much more deserving of your attention this Friday – 42 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
3. If your boss is upset that you’ve spent more time reading this post than getting any actual work done, show them this and thank me later – 8 Ways Goofing Off Can Actually Make You More Productive
4. Its summer, its hot, and I can think of 25 things I’d rather do than work out in the gym. That’s what January is for, right? If you’ve lost your motivation to workout, there’s still hope. Meet: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Toned.
5. Since I’m in my 112th week of physical therapy for my achilles tendon with no hope of being allowed to ever see the inside of a gym until the Winter, I like to drink flavored water that makes me feel skinny instead. Here are 25 Flat Belly Sassy Water Recipes. Not sure what’s sassy about water, but if it makes me look good, I’ll take it.

Happy Friday from Cali!

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