Breakfast at H&M

Holly Golightly said it best: “I’ll never get used to anything. Anybody that does, they might as well be dead.” 
These are exactly my thoughts when it comes to fashion and personal style. The opportunities to express your sense of style are abounding. Personally, I never want to get stuck in just one sort of look. This is what I did in High School (think Doug from Nickelodeon’s closet only all light blue t-shirts and jeans) and I’m never going back there again!
To avoid going into a fashion rut, one of my favorite things to do is give a classic look a modern feel. This past Sunday, I went for breakfast on Santana Row and shopping at H&M. On this particular day, I felt like channelling the much-admired Ms. Hepburn with red lips, stud earrings, a black and white checked skirt, and of course, Chanel sunnies. To modernize the look, I added an H&M neon lime sweater and studded belt.
So when it comes to personal style, experiment, be vast regardless of popular opinion, and as Ms. Hepburn would say, never let anybody put you in a cage.
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey Hepburn
H&M Sweater// Black & White checked skirt (similar)// Forever 21 Studded Belt (similar)// Chanel Sunglasses// Stila Liquid Lipstick

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Courtside Couture

HM White Blazer, HM Crop Top, HM Sweatpants, Christian Louboutin Heels
The irony of fashion is what continues to fascinate us. It is it’s claim to fame when it comes to relevancy. It is the bellbottoms of the 70s transitioning into the flare jeans of the early 00s, the neon brites of the 80s flying off the shelves earlier this year, and the Teen Spirited plaid of the 90s gracing our waists again this Fall. 
HM White Blazer, HM Crop Top, HM Sweatpants, Christian Louboutin Heels, Acid Wash Navy, Outfit of the Day, Style Blogger
H&M Short Jacket// H&M Jersey Bustier// H&M Sweatpants (similar)// Christian Louboutin Heels

This irony of fashion is also what sparks us to find different ways to wear our favorite looks. Some of my favorite pieces are chic blazers, sweats, and Christian Louboutin heels. “They” say you shouldn’t wear all of your favorite jewels at once, but no one ever said you can’t wear all your favorite clothes at once. Where can your rock this style? Of course, my favorite place in the world, courtside at the basketball game.

HM White Blazer, HM Crop Top, HM Sweatpants, Christian Louboutin Heels

HM White Blazer, HM Crop Top, HM Sweatpants, Christian Louboutin Heels

HM White Blazer, HM Crop Top, HM Sweatpants, Christian Louboutin Heels

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Sunday Best

Lucite Shoes Tory Burch Cuff Nasty Gal CC Skye Cuff Candle

If I could think of one single style that I’m always instantly drawn to, it would be anything that emulated cleanliness and organization with a sleek design. This theme applies to basically everything in my house…white sheets, white furniture, glass tables, a Costco lifetime supply of Clorox bleach…you get the idea. This is also exactly why I’m loving lucite right now. Done right, it’s chic, it’s sexy, it’s “what you see is what you get,” it’s no-BS. It’s also surprisingly easy to keep clean, which makes my little OCD/ADHD heart happy.

1. It could be my obsession with Pretty Little Liars or the monogram trend, but I’m always on the hunt for more representative “A’s” for my home and office. These Tory Burch block letters are a great way to add a distinct touch to your space or gift to a friend.

Tory Burch “A”

2. Not your average lucite heel, these Sasha Pumps by Sensa are a modern twist to a classic look. The black leather and gold detailing take lucite to a luxe level.

Lucite Heel, Nasty Gal, Gold Lucite, Black and Gold Heels
Sasha Pump
3. Any accessory that can successfully bring a masculine touch to a feminine piece is a win in my book. Of course, Tory Burch scores another with this quintessential cuff in black lucite. 
Black Lucite, Tory Burch Logo Cuff
Tory Burch Lucite Cuff

4. I love this CC Skye clutch because it reminds me of a little piece of summer arm candy. The neon pink and orange panels offer an element of discreetness when you don’t need the contents of your purse on display to the world.

CC Skye Bright Love Clutch, Lucite Clutch, Neon Purse, Summer Purses
CC Skye Bright Love Lucite Clutch

5. About that “No-BS” design, this spiked lucite candle by Native Edge brings an ironically chic element to your space with a soft amber scent. After the candle burns down, the spiked box can then be repurposed in a multitude of ways.

Native Edge Spiked Lucite Candle, Lucite Candle, Amber Scent Candle
Native Edge Lucite Spike Candle

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Friday Favorites

Natural Beauty Products, DIY Smartphone Cases, Magazine Stores, Kate Middleton Outfits

1. Always at risk for the almost inevitable iPhone/iPad drop, I love these DIY cases on Brit + Co. you can easily make to keep your smart devices safe.

2. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with magazines. To this day, some of my best inspiration comes from sitting down with a Starbucks coffee, Moleskine notebook, and a stack of interesting magazines. Thankfully, Racked NY published this list of 14 Places in NY Buy International, Unique, Indie, and Hard to Find Magazines.

3. There is so much talk about natural beauty products and the importance of using them that it can be a bit confusing to discern the legitimacy of these products. As a biology nerd, I just want to know which ones are supported with scientific evidence. Good + You breaks this down for us here.

4. All of my exes live on the Sprint call-block list; the rest of the live in texts. I love this feature on The Cut that considers the effect social media has on “break ups,” or lack thereof. Definite must-read! (Warning: A bit NSFW)

5. Finally, since we’re all riding about of a royal high this week, Huffington Post has compiled this list of EVERY SINGLE THING Kate Middleton has ever worn to feed our fashion fascination with the Duchess.

{Photo Sources: Good + You// Brit + Co.// Racked NY// Huffington Post}
Napa Valley, Red Wine, Adaptation Wine, California, Napa, Wine Country
Happy Friday! Looking forward to enjoying some of the amazing wine we picked up in Napa last weekend at Odette Estate. Make sure to check it out if you’re ever in Napa Valley!
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The Princess & The Polka Dot

Kate Middleton blue Polka Dot Jenny Packham dress, florals, outfit of the day, monday, work wear

Well just when I thought Kate Middleton and I couldn’t possibly have one more thing in common, now we both end up wearing polka dots…in the SAME week! The Duchess of Cambridge was a showstopper in this custom Jenny Packham blue polka dot dress as she introduced the future King of England to the world with Prince William Wednesday. I attempted a similar spotted look as I introduced myself to another work week…and a few homeless men I met on the street while taking these photos.

Considering Mondays tend to carry with them an onslaught of unwelcome surprises that leave most of us considering a mid-life crisis by 5pm, I like to offset the day by dressing a little “fancy.” So, despite waking up sick (Monday, much?), I decided a little bit of sequins, polka dots, and metallics were the perfect antidote for this already eventful day. I truly believe wearing sequins is a protective shield to bad days. Trust me, it works.

Polka dots floral sequins metallic H&M Forever 21 Urban Outfitters outfit of the day work wear
Polka Dot Shirt (similar)// H&M Floral Pencil Skirt (similar)// Deanna & Ozzy Heels — sold out (similar)// Forever 21 Belt (same as seen here)

On Sunday’s Floraled post I highlighted a few ways to experiment with floral prints. If you want to wear a bold top or skirt, you don’t have to pair it with a solid. Stripes or polka dots make a great “base” to match with a more vibrant floral print. The best part about developing your own personal style is knowing that it’s okay to break some fashion “rules.” In this case, mixing prints.

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