Statement Jewlery
This week marked the 1st week of the year where temps in the Bay Area surpassed the 100 degree mark. Add in the random humidity we’ve been blessed with and it’s so hot that it feels like you’re taking a bath on the surface of the sun. When the heat rises, I lean more towards breathable, lightweight pieces (like these here) and dress them up with bold accessories and statement jewelry. 

Blue platform sandals

Last night, I threw on a simple black racerback dress and paired it with my favorite Tobi Wildlife orange and leopard clutch I got in Oakland (because we all have so many orange and leopard bags, you have to choose just one favorite) and a pair of Diba Tenith Platform Sandals (similar here and here). This black racerback dress was the perfect canvas to mix and match bold colors and different style bracelets. Plus, as a native Oklahoman and Thunder fan, I will take any excuse to wear orange and blue.

Chanel Sunglasses
Blue Suede Shoes
OKC Thunder

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