The Good Life

Bocce Bar

Let’s choose today to quench our thirst for the “good life” we thinks others lead by acknowledging the good that already exists in our lives. We can then offer the universe the gift of our grateful hearts. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

As I get older I realize how much time we spend admiring what we perceive to be “The Good Life” that others are living. We can be in the most beautiful place or with people we love and we might not even acknowledge it because we’re busy comparing our lives to the “fabulous” lives of everyone else.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to explore the place I call home, the San Francisco Bay Area, with one of my friends and a guest of hers visiting from out of town. We got to play tourists in our own city as we visited some of our favorite Bay Area spots and ventured into new territories as well. Spending time with someone visiting from another city is one of the best ways to make you really appreciate your environment. When you’re with a visitor, not only do you get to see your surroundings from someone else’s vantage point, but you also want to show them why where you live is so great, thereby convincing yourself in the process.

Throughout this weekend adventure, I was reminded of all the reasons to be grateful to live in such an exciting, diverse, and beautiful place. When you gain gratitude for what you do have, you realize “The Good Life” already exists everywhere around you no matter where you are.

Clift Hotel
Breathtaking view of the city during the day from our hotel room at the Clift  

Clift Hotel
And by night…
Forever 21 Vest
Shopping in The Marina
American Apparel Shirt// Forever 21 Vest// Zara Leggings (similar here)
Faint view of Alcatraz from the Marina

Piedmont Boutique
Famous Piedmont Boutique in Haight-Ashbury

Zara Leather Leggings
Jammin’ out with some locals in The Haight

Graffiti Mural
Stunning mural on Ashbury

San Francisco Churches
Some of the most interesting architecture is found in the churches and buildings that line Van Ness

San Francisco Bay
Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands
San Francisco Bay
Blue skies starting to peak through the burn-off

Point Bonita Lighthouse
View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Lighthouse

Capping off the weekend the right way at Bocce Bar 🙂

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