Friday Favorites: Lusting Louboutin

Louboutin Shoes Red Soles Fashion Red bottom Christian Louboutin Heels Pumps
Christian Louboutin Exhibit
{Source: The Couvetour}
1. Everything you need to know about perserving the quality of your wardrobe – 101 Tips for Caring for Every Item in Your Closet 
2. Broken-hearted? Not for long… These breakup Someecards are seriously hilarious! The best part is that we have all thought these things at one point. 

3. Changing career paths after you’ve dedicated yourself to a specific field can be scary. I love this Levo League article about finding the courage within yourself to chose the path that’s right for you. 

4. In this spirit of this list, here is a pretty ironic list of things millennial girls love.

5. A Louboutin playground for the red-soled junkie in all of us – Christian Louboutin Exhibit 
Happy Friday from “sunny” California! 

Beach Ocean California Carmel Monterey Bay Surf Swim Pebble Beach
Made my way back home to Monterey Bay last week and enjoyed a foggy, but relaxing day at Carmel Beach. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Lusting Louboutin

  1. Thanks! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend in the REAL Golden Coast.

    P.s. LOVE that silver sweater on your “Foil-ed” post. I just want your whole closet!


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