The Princess & The Polka Dot

Kate Middleton blue Polka Dot Jenny Packham dress, florals, outfit of the day, monday, work wear

Well just when I thought Kate Middleton and I couldn’t possibly have one more thing in common, now we both end up wearing polka dots…in the SAME week! The Duchess of Cambridge was a showstopper in this custom Jenny Packham blue polka dot dress as she introduced the future King of England to the world with Prince William Wednesday. I attempted a similar spotted look as I introduced myself to another work week…and a few homeless men I met on the street while taking these photos.

Considering Mondays tend to carry with them an onslaught of unwelcome surprises that leave most of us considering a mid-life crisis by 5pm, I like to offset the day by dressing a little “fancy.” So, despite waking up sick (Monday, much?), I decided a little bit of sequins, polka dots, and metallics were the perfect antidote for this already eventful day. I truly believe wearing sequins is a protective shield to bad days. Trust me, it works.

Polka dots floral sequins metallic H&M Forever 21 Urban Outfitters outfit of the day work wear
Polka Dot Shirt (similar)// H&M Floral Pencil Skirt (similar)// Deanna & Ozzy Heels — sold out (similar)// Forever 21 Belt (same as seen here)

On Sunday’s Floraled post I highlighted a few ways to experiment with floral prints. If you want to wear a bold top or skirt, you don’t have to pair it with a solid. Stripes or polka dots make a great “base” to match with a more vibrant floral print. The best part about developing your own personal style is knowing that it’s okay to break some fashion “rules.” In this case, mixing prints.

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