Friday Favorites

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1. Always at risk for the almost inevitable iPhone/iPad drop, I love these DIY cases on Brit + Co. you can easily make to keep your smart devices safe.

2. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with magazines. To this day, some of my best inspiration comes from sitting down with a Starbucks coffee, Moleskine notebook, and a stack of interesting magazines. Thankfully, Racked NY published this list of 14 Places in NY Buy International, Unique, Indie, and Hard to Find Magazines.

3. There is so much talk about natural beauty products and the importance of using them that it can be a bit confusing to discern the legitimacy of these products. As a biology nerd, I just want to know which ones are supported with scientific evidence. Good + You breaks this down for us here.

4. All of my exes live on the Sprint call-block list; the rest of the live in texts. I love this feature on The Cut that considers the effect social media has on “break ups,” or lack thereof. Definite must-read! (Warning: A bit NSFW)

5. Finally, since we’re all riding about of a royal high this week, Huffington Post has compiled this list of EVERY SINGLE THING Kate Middleton has ever worn to feed our fashion fascination with the Duchess.

{Photo Sources: Good + You// Brit + Co.// Racked NY// Huffington Post}
Napa Valley, Red Wine, Adaptation Wine, California, Napa, Wine Country
Happy Friday! Looking forward to enjoying some of the amazing wine we picked up in Napa last weekend at Odette Estate. Make sure to check it out if you’re ever in Napa Valley!
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