Friday Favorites: Fall Fever

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{Source: StyleCaster}

1. I’m always interested to hear guys talk about what they feel like a girl needs to wear to get their attention. “Oh, if a girl wear J’s, ‘red bottoms’, a hair tie, sweatpants, chills with no makeup on, she’s cool with me.” Oh? That’s nice…Here, Huffington Post has a few fashion tips for YOU as well.

2. Speaking of men and fashion, apparently Justin Bieber shares our sentiment over H&M’s (now universally accessible) monochromatic accessories. Check out the hilarious recount by The Cut of his most recent “brawl” here.

3. With Fall right around the corner now (I’m already dreaming of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes, football games, and all my fave TV shows returning), StyleCaster gives us their much-anticipated Fall Trend Report.

4. On the hunt for a new job? The Boss Mag shares great advice on how to write a standout professional resume.

5. And, staying on the topic of career development, check out Levo League’s list of Career Books Every Young Woman needs to read.

Happy Friday from the beautiful America’s Cup Pavilion in San Francisco!
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