Winsome in Wine Country

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A few weeks ago my family and I made the drive up to Napa Valley to visit my sister and do what else but, wine taste! If you’ve ever been to Napa in the middle of July you know that “hot” doesn’t even begin to describe the climate. On this beautiful day we enjoyed a nice, stagnant 100+ degree afternoon, but the tastings definitely made up for it! I keep this Free People sundress in frequent rotation during the Summer and it was perfect for braving the extreme heat, traipsing through vineyards, and playing wine connoisseur for the day. 

Napa Valley, Free People Dress, Sundress, Colorful Dresses, Francescas Necklace, Statement Necklace
Free People Dress (similar here and here)//Francesca’s Collection Necklace (similar)
Colorful Summer Outfit, Summer Outfit, Free People Dress, Missoni Style Dress, Zig Zag Dress, Free People Sundress, Napa Valley Outfit, Napa, Wine Country Clothes
If you’re planning on making a trip to Napa Valley, I highly suggest you check out Odette Estate Winery. The location is breathtaking and we loved their Cade and Adaptation wines. Having a great tour guide, aka my sister :), didn’t hurt either!

Napa Valley Wineries, Cade Wine, Adaptation Wines, Napa Valley, Wine Country
Odette Estate
Wineries, Wine Country, Odette Estate, Cade Wine, Adaptation Wine, Napa Valley

Grapes, Winemaking, Wine Country, Odette Estate, Fermentation, Summer, Harvest Season
Here are a few more of my Wine Country favorites:

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