JustFab Around the Clock

 San Francisco, Clock Tower, Embarcadero, JustFab Shoes
My life moves pretty fast. With so much to see and do, I find myself constantly running to the next thing. On a typical day, I’m up at 6:00 a.m. trying to pack in everything from meetings to events. With so much going on, my shoes have to keep up with me. And while it may seem like I’m stating the obvious, it’s become of prime importance to me ever since my heel broke on the way to dinner the other night and I had to walk 7 blocks through the Tenderloin with one shoe!

Luckily JustFab shoes has come to the rescue! JustFab creates an intuitive shopping experience so each month you can shop your own personalized boutique full of their top picks for you. By tailoring options to one’s personal style, it frees up more time to finally slow down life’s rat race and savor the moment.

JustFab, Pink High Heel Shoes, Yellow Studded Clutch, JustFab shopping, JustFab Summer Picks

From busy days at the office to relaxing weekends with friends, JustFab always has the right picks. Here’s a look at how JustFab keeps me in style on my ideal Saturday in San Francisco:

Gold flats, JustFab Shoes, JustFab flats, Fall flats, Carryall purse, woven purse, Saturday purse, Gallerista bag

Studded booties, Gold detailed boots, Black booties, JustFab Booties, Orange crossbody bag, Private Charter purse, JustFab purses, Colorful purses, affordable purses for fall

Ambrosia heels, JustFab Ambrosia, Pointy toed heels, Ankle wrap heels, Audacious clutch, Structured clutches, Jeweled clutches, affordable clutches, JustFab clutches, night out purse
JustFab, Sens San Francisco, Girls Night

No matter where I go, now I can be one step ahead with JustFab!

Photography by Lucy Glover.
{Sponsored by JustFab}

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6 thoughts on “JustFab Around the Clock

  1. Those shoes are amazing! Thanks for the looks and the inspiration. I kind of have a hard time picking out shoes from JustFab… So much to choose from, lol. I find I like to also browse the JustFab pinterest page for ideas on what to buy.

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