Into the Blue

Work Wear, Weekend Wear, Blue Work Shirt, Menswear Top, Navy Chiffon, Ann Taylor Top
Each season the word, “neutral,” takes on a new definition. This season it’s all about leopard, gray, and navy. Lucky for me because navy and gray have formed the base of my color palette for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I developed a drudging affinity for blue tees. My uniforms were reminiscent of a Zoloft commercial. College was a slight upgrade as I somehow managed to work a soft gray v-neck into outfits suited for long nights with my nose buried in medical texts at the library. 

Thanks to a quarter-life awakening, I’ve replaced the pima cotton navy and gray tees with chic chiffon, silk, and wool pieces that bring life to the ordinarily understated hues. And most importantly, with J Brand jeans, which give me (and my backside) life. 
Fall 2012 Colors, Fall Hues, Navy and Gray, Fall Trends, Fall Go To Colors, Oversize Coat
Hugo Buscati Coat// Ann Taylor Blouse (similar)// J Brand Jeans// Diba Tenith Pumps (similar)
Fall Hues, Fall Colors, Fall Neutrals, Navy and Grey Colors for Fall
J Brand Jeans, Kate Middleton Jeans, Fall Jeans, Cuffed Jeans, Ann Taylor Top

Summer Jeans, Fall Jeans, Butt Lifting Jeans, Fall Hues, Fall 2013 wear

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