A Fresh Start

Work Wear, September Issues, White Business Casual, Bay Area Fashion, San Francisco Fashion, September Fashion

In one of my favorite movies, “The September Issue,” Candy Pratts Price famously says, “September is like the January of Fashion.” Candy is absolutely spot on. Many months (or perhaps, years) out, fashion magazines begin the prep work for the much-anticipated “September Issues,” designers work tirelessly on the September debut of their Spring/Summer collections at the world’s largest Fashion Week, and retailers ready their stores for the onslaught of mixed back-to-school and Holiday shoppers.

For me, September represents a month of rejuvenation and renovation. I saturate myself in the September issues and consequentially, my wardrobe gets a much-needed facelift. Still carrying a bit of that collegiate attitude, I also feel ready to charge full force ahead with my work. Or maybe I’m just excited to use all of the back-to-school notebooks I bought up at Target last month before any students could get to them. 

Nevertheless, many of us feel like September gives us the opportunity to start with a clean slate. For my blog, it means FINALLY dropping the “.blogspot” and graduating to http://www.VastAspiration.com. Also, getting a new email address at said domain (see About page). This September, maybe you’re reinventing yourself, rediscovering your true passion, or simply trying to figure out what it is you want to do with your life (because that’s simple, right?!). Whatever it may be, always remember that it’s never too late to make a fresh start. 
Ark & Co Top, White Work Skirt, Ecote Sandles, Fall Work Wear, Fall Business Casual
Ark & Co Top// Unknown Skirt// Ecote Sandals
Cream Business Casual, White Peplum Tops, Ecote Avarca Sandals
Avarca Sandals, Suede Sandals, Work Sandals, Business Sandals, Travel Sandals, Fall Sandals

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