Friday Favorites

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{Source: Refinery 29}

1. Whether you have 10 minutes or 1 hour to refuel in between NYFW shows, Grub Street shares quick eats to keep you energized during Fashion Week. {Grub Street}

2. For ages there has been a vast disconnect between the idealized “beauty” displayed in magazines and that of real women in diverse populations. This continues to breed insecurity in more and more women and at younger ages. Actress Thandie Newton and make-up artist Kay Montano have created the new beauty blog, ThandieKay, to finally address this issue and create a space for diversity in beauty. {Refinery 29}

3. As we ogle over the seemingly flawless celebs filling the coveted front row this week, these “Then vs. Now” celeb pics remind us of their humble beginnings. {Daily News Dig}

4. Always on the quest for creative, new ways to organize my beauty essentials, I feel in love with this DIY ombré makeup brush holder. {P.S. – I made this}

5. I’ve never been shy about sharing my struggle with ADHD. I figure might as well let people know ahead of time before I get up mid-sentence to start organizing my handbag…checking twitter…chasing a butterfly..or is that a dragonfly? Anyways, ADHD presents an entirely new challenge (or opportunity) for women as we transition into our careers. Learn more about what this is really like and how to make it work for you instead of against you. {Forbes}

Happy Friday from high atop San Francisco on the “crookedest street in the world!” 

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