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While the sun begins to set on much of the U.S., it harnesses its energy on Northern California. These months leading into the Fall are known as the “Indian Summer.” An atmospheric anomaly, the San Francisco Bay Area breaks up its 2 seasons (cool and cold) with near 80 degree temps. Weather oddities like this may be a contributing factor to San Francisco’s unfortunate (and untrue IMHO), pervasive unfashionable rep. Perhaps, we are confused? Doubtful. It’s more likely that Bay Area natives refuse to be led by homogenizing trends. We wear what we want, when we want and no one is judgmentally fixated upon the stylistic choices of their neighbor.

Now it’s mid-September and where I would normally be trading in summery frocks for scarves and coats, I’m donning an airy, fringed Wildhorse sheath. True to my native Oklahoma roots, this dress highlights an omnipresent fixture of my upbringing – the dreamcatcher. As a curious 7 year old, I decided a late night screening of Lights In the Sky would be a nice bedtime story. False. Before the film credits rolled, I easily predicted 20 years of nightmares and recall my late, Native American grandfather hanging a dreamcatcher in the corner of my room where it remained. Add many years of restful nights to the list of things I owe him.

True to the quirky, often incomprehensible Bay Area fashion, I’m pairing this summer dress with my new Fall staple booties and the season-less turban. So, in San Francisco our style isn’t defined by the weather, but by wherever the wind blows us.  

Dreamcatcher, Indian, Native American, American Apparel Turban, Jessica Simpson Orsona Booties, Jessica Simpson Booties
Wild Horse Top// American Apparel Twist Scarf// Jessica Simpson Booties 
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