Princess tiara, Crown, Romantic lace top, black and white striped skirt, Francescas black and white skirt
Somewhere along the path of maturity comes being more comfortable in your own skin. You learn what you’re good at, you become familiar with your faults, you know when to change for the better, and most importantly, you decide which characteristics you will change for no one. You are unapologetically you. 

Many with an unfortunately skewed perception have often suggested that I give the impression of a primadonna, princess-type. Funnily enough, this couldn’t be further from the truth of my no fuss, low maintenance, workaholic reality. Honestly, I relish in having the opportunity to debunk this anomaly when getting ready faster than the boys or working while others partake in their beauty treatments (which I’m not knocking because I probably would if I had the time). But, every now and then you’ve got to learn how to just laugh at yourself (or the perception thereof) and say, “Hey, if the crown fits…”
voluminous mini skirt, full mini skirt, white long sleeve crop top, crop top and full skirt, statement necklace
Forever 21 white lace top. princess look, primadonna look, prim and proper, wearing lace in the fall, how to wear a full skirt

how to wear a crop top, how to wear lace in the fall, full mini skirts, san francisco fashion, san francisco fashion blogger

statement making outfit, aspirational fashion, dress up for a day, princess outfits, adult princess, being yourself, unapologetically you
 Forever 21 Top// Francesca’s Collections Skirt// Coach Heels// H&M Necklace
Hair: Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner// Redken Argan Oil// Redken Forceful 23 Finishing Spray

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