Sunday Best: Bag Brigade

Danielle Nicole Adeline Satchel, Black structured bag, black structured bowling bag, Pierre Hardy leopard purse, Pierre Hardy Hairy Calf Leo and Nappa Calf Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Aimee plaid satchel, marc by marc jacobs plaid satchel, Longchamp animal print tote, longchamp le pliage tote, longchamp tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack purse,
1 – Pierre Hardy Bag// 2 – Danielle Nicole Satchel// 3 – Marc by Marc Jacobs Cross-Body Satchel// 4 – Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack// 5 – Longchamp Tote

Many of us have that one item that we consistently shop for and purchase on auto-pilot. You stock pile this item in massive quantities as if it is the one thing that will save you should the world ever come to an end. For me this item is the handbag. Ever since I was a toddler, I had some sort of bag attached to my shoulder full of 3 things I needed and about 967 things I did not. This Fall I am, yet again, on a quest to find “The Perfect Fall Bag.” Something that can fit everything from my planner to my camera and can be my best companion over the next few months of traveling and moving. After searching high and low, I’ve rounded up my top contenders!

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