Summer Suit

Women's workwear, Power Suit, White Blazer, Summer Blazer, Tuxedo pants, monday, anthropologie pants, white house black market, H&M jacket
H&M Blazer (updated style here)// White House Black Market Top// Anthropologie Pants// Calvin Klein Heels (old)// Forever 21 Necklace (old)
It is a proven fact (a.k.a my opinion) that the right outfit can give you the confidence to take on the day. For example, on Mondays I try to dress a little bit “fancy” because should a case of the Monday’s hit, at least I looked good…And that’s obviously what matters most in life anyways, right? The world can come crashing down around me and I’ll be sitting there brushing off the dust from my shoes. 

Aside from a perfect a-line cut dress, for me a good power suit evokes a sense of being cool, calm, and collected…the exact opposite of its wearer. But gone are the days of nondescript black or navy suits. A new generation and warmer temps call for lightened hues, tuxedo pants, and wrap tops that stand out. We weren’t meant to wear a power suit to just fade into the background anyways. 

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