My Podcast Addiction

When I made the move to live in San Francisco full-time last Fall, I knew I wanted to remain working in our Silicon Valley office. Hey, who can blame me for wanting the best of both worlds?! ūüôā With that decision came a commitment to a near daily 1 hour commute…on a good day. While this may seem crazy to some, I’ve found ways to make the ride enjoyable. When I’m not catching up with my mom on pressing world affairs, like Vicki¬†and Shannon’s fight on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, I’m listening to a slew of podcasts. The podcasts have been so fascinating that now I actually look forward to the commute and feel 100x more prepared to take on the workday. Here are a few I can’t get enough:

  1. The Lively Show – Need to get inspired to live your most creative, fulfilling life? This show is all about that. There are 2 episodes in particular that I’ve listened to countless times: The Elizabeth Gilbert interview on her new book, Big Magic¬†(more on this book later), and The Myleik Teele interview on Radical Authenticity. Both are “Must Listen” episodes and very inspiring!

  2. Myleik Teele – Speaking of Myleik, she also has her very own podcast and it is ON POINT! This is my go-to for quick bursts of high impact motivation to stay on your grind and get organized/focused about your goals. Plus, listening to Myleik speak reminds you of being in conversation with a friend.

  3. TED Radio Hour –¬†This is an obvious choice if you’re a lover of TED talks, like me. The episodes usually covers 1 topic from 2-3 different speakers’ points of view. Topics range from subjects like leadership to creativity to health, and everything in between. One of my favorites is Disruptive¬†Leadership.

  4. Dear Sugar РThis podcast is very raw and very real! It is an advice column that deals with all of the very personal things that are rarely discussed. Nothing is off limits! Cheryl Strayed (writer of Wild among many other things) is one of the narrators if that gives you any insight into how good this is!

  5. HBR Ideacast – This is one that I’ve recently started to listen to. It combines the witty intellect that HBR represents with the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit present in Silicon Valley. Not to glorify the concept of the entrepreneur, which can be over-hyped IMHO, but it does get the gears turning. I like that it shows you how you can apply an entrepreneurial mindset to the current work you’re doing, even if it’s at a large corporation, which is something that is useful for so many!

So, these are my favorite podcasts of the moment, but¬†I’ll be back with more. Bookmark ’em, or check them out on the Fireside or Podcast app next time you’re at gym, cooking, winding down, or battling the rush hour commute! If you’re a podcast lover as well, I’d love to hear what you’re listening to right now. Please¬†share below!

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