Planning the Big Day

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I thought that from the moment I got engaged I would be instantly drawn towards wedding planning. With a background in putting on large galas and luncheons, I just knew planning an epic wedding would be second nature… I was so wrong. There are a just few differentiating factors like using our personal budget and creating an experience that is deeply personal, but memorable for family and friends alike.

Luckily my mom was in town when I got engaged and could celebrate this special moment with us while helping me to start thinking about where to begin. As we would curl up on the couch in our Christmas pj’s watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and reading bridal magazines, I conjured up a multitude of questions, concerns, and ideas about what this special day would look like. While the actual day is still a while off, I was eager to share all of this with Andrew right away. Having just pulled off the proposal, he was just as excited about the wedding as I, but wasn’t quite ready to dive in to all the details.

Herein lies one of the best pieces of wedding advice I’ve received so far (thanks Mom :)): Do your research, figure out what you like, and then dedicate time with your fiancee to discuss the wedding plans…preferably over drinks. Enjoy being a couple and do not fill up your quality time together with wedding planning. Of course, this changes as you get nearer to your actual wedding date. For now, keep it chill.

Being a notebook lover, another thing that’s been helpful is a good wedding planning notebook. I picked up this one by Lucy Sui because it looks to be the most comprehensive, and honestly, the color coding made my heart smile.

As we embark upon this wedding planning journey, I will share some of the process along the way. As with most things in life, there’s a lot to learn, so I’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on planning for the big day!

2 thoughts on “Planning the Big Day

  1. We got married last July and my notebook became my bible. I would have been lost without it. I wanted to do everything myself, but found it was really helpful to use the bridesmaids (who were eager too!) have a think about the little details, things that are special to you both and make sure you squeeze them in. So excited for you!

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