Liquid Lipstick Craze

There are 2 stores in this world that give me what one might call “The Target Effect.” One of them is Target itself and the other is…SEPHORA! I usually go in to restock on just one thing and leave with a basket full of others.

Yesterday I ran in to grab TWO things: 1. birthday gift card, and 2. a restock of my
highlighter (literally ran out for a day and looked like I hadn’t slept in weeks). Side note: I use a shade 4.5 and they were sold out, as always. I went up to a 5 and it works just as well!

Anyways, I grab my YSL highlighter pen and then stumble across the Anastasia Beverly Hills section on my way to check out. This little kiosk looked like it had been descended upon by a pack of wolves! Almost everything was sold out. But, there was one item that was not only nearly sold out, but the samples were gone too: the Liquid Lipstick!

Apparently Anastasia’s liquid lipstick is supposed to be just as good, if not better, as the Kylie Jenner lip kit. I picked up one of what was left, the Violet color, and it is absolutely amazing! It stays put and gives the impression of fuller lips. Today I’m going to stock up on the other colors, like the brownish oxblood and the pale muave nude.

When at the Anastasia booth, I couldn’t leave without picking up the very product that makes her famous – the brow wiz. I love this particular pencil because it’s like a gel and it’s very easy to control. I’m known to get a bit out of hand with my brow kits so this was perfect. I’ve linked the one I got above, but the website tells you what shade is best for your skin tone/hair color.

My final new favorite, is the Fresh Life perfume by Fresh. This smell is perfect and light for the Summer time. I wear Creed in the morning, but keep this one in my purse to use on the go.

Not a sponsored post, just Sephora-obsessed :).

Happy Hump Day!

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