2 Years

Relationship advice, anniversary, two year anniversary, what i've learned about love

Champagne + Pomegranate seeds!

This weekend Andrew and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I’ve always looked at 2 years as a big relationship milestone. My mom used to tell me that it takes 2 years to fully know someone. Over time you have a chance to see how someone fares through different stages and experiences in life. This has definitely been true for us as we’ve faced some major life changes, especially within the past year. In honor of our anniversary, I thought Andrew and I would each share the 2 biggest lessons we’ve learned in  the past 2 years:


  1. The more complete you are individually, the better partner you’ll be in a relationship. I cannot stress enough that a relationship is not the answer to filling a void in your life, finding yourself, feeling whole, or finally living the life you’ve wanted. A boyfriend/girlfriend is not the key to happiness. This is something you must find within yourself and continue to work at as an individual. You are ready to be a good partner when you have a sense of self and are comfortable with who you are. A partner should complement you, not complete you. Andrew and I met when we were both at a good, strong place in our lives. This allowed us to come in to the relationship baggage-free and build something really special together. It also takes a lot of pressure off of the other person from feeling like they must be the key to your happiness.
  2. Avoid drama. Outside of your family, your mate is the one person who will be by your side throughout everything in life. There is nothing more amazing than someone who is committing to do life with you throughout every circumstance. This is the last person you want to fight with, so minimize the drama at all costs. It’s not worth it!


  1. Always put the other person before yourself. As human beings, we’re always in our own heads. Our interpretation of what other people want and need might be incorrect. It’s important to always listen and put what that other person wants first because that’s what’s going to bring your own happiness.
  2. Express Gratitude. It’s easy to take things for granted,  but it’s important to express sincere gratitude and count your blessings when you’ve found someone who is your true mate. Every relationship requires work. Being grateful for who the other person is and what they do for you is critical to finding the path forward when times get tough.
Relationship advice, anniversary, two year anniversary, what i've learned about love, red dress

Andrew and I at Heart Ball

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