So Fresh & So Clean

There’s one thing we use everyday where bacteria thrives, but often gets overlooked –  our makeup brushes. For someone like me with sensitive, oily skin, using dirty makeup brushes is detrimental. Not only do they carry/transfer bacteria, but the product build up makes application uneven. Basically, you’re not getting the full potential out of your (likely expensive) makeup and setting yourself up for a massive breakout in the meantime!

There are various opinions on how often to clean your makeup brushes, but most agree that you should aim for once a month. What usually prevents us from doing this regularly is the time-consuming nature of the project and/or not having time to wait for your brushes to dry before you need to use them again. I like to set about 45 minutes aside one Sunday a month to tackle this. Just 45 minutes, shorter than it takes some to apply their makeup!

My method is very simple:

  1. Layout 2 towels – one is for cleaning and one for drying.
  2. Wash each brush/sponge with basic white, unscented soap and warm water.
  3. Lay brushes on towel #1 after washed.
  4. Rewash each of the brush with gentle shampoo. I use either Johnsons Baby Shampoo or travel sized shampoos from hotels. I love this Malin + Goetz shampoo because it’s simple and has peppermint oil that leaves the brushes smelling fresh for weeks.
  5. Lay brushes out to dry on towel #2 by a window or fan.

That’s it! Super easy and highly necessary.

p.s. I’ve linked some of my favorite brushes above!

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