Friday Favorites: Refreshed

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That illustrious day has arrived. It’s finally Friday and this week’s round up is brimming with topics like the Great Grad School debate, a heartwarming tribute to a legend we all loved, and a refreshing take on some of our Summer faves. Enjoy!

1. Making the most of your next “staycation” 

2. Beautiful inspiration for a Parisian wedding

3. Remembering Robin Williams through the lives he touched

4. A refreshing take on vegetarian tacos

5. Thinking about going to grad school? Read this first. 

Friday Favorites: Advised

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Source: Cosmopolitan

1. Get your day off to a better start by breaking these morning habits. {}

2. Proof that you contour just about anything skinny! {}

3. The impact of your personality on your income. {}

4. Hey, it’s your twenties. Its okay to make these…20 mistakes.{}

5. Young singles – Not all marriage advice is good advice. {}

Happy Fall Friday from the always sun-kissed Palo Alto!
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